Sunday, January 10, 2010

Don't Throw an Angel out a Window!

Wednesday I had chemo and it was pretty routine. Friday I got sick, Saturday I still wasn't feeling well and today I was just tired.

I've always believed in miracles, angels and the power of prayer and 20 years ago all three played a big part in my family's life. My niece, Lindsey who was in elementary school at the time got home from school to find an empty house. This was unusual, so when Lindsey got inside the house she received a call from the hospital telling her my sister was there. Confused, Lindsey called her daddy and my brother in law started investigating. Quickly there after my mom saw Becky's car on the news and realized she had been in a wreck. It turns out the car had flipped several times and she was in critical condition. When the family arrived at the hospital we were asked to identify her and we couldn't. She had several hairline fractures in her face which caused severe swelling, her eye dropped in the socket, she had brain swelling, and a broken arm. We were then told she wouldn't make it until morning, so we called a priest to come up to the hospital and pray for my sister. When the sun rose the next morning my sister was still alive. Now, the doctors were concerned that the swelling in her brain would kill her, so they drilled a hole in her head to relieve some of the pressure.

Becky was in ICU, so my family and I brought sleeping bags and moved to the hospital waiting room. On night 2 or 3 we received a call in the waiting room around 11p from a man. He asked to speak to someone in our family. He proceeded to tell my sister, Liz that he had a vision while driving about my sister and that the doctors needed to remove the blood clot behind her left ear. Liz told him that the doctors were watching her and hung up the phone. The call disturbed Liz and just made me mad because he was upsetting the family. The man called the next night and this time my mom answered the phone. My mom got upset and didn't know what to say. I then warned the family that if he calls again I wanted to be the one to talk to him. The next day they were preparing Becky for surgery. Her eye muscles needed repaired and she needed arm surgery. Before the surgery they were doing X rays of her eye to see the extent the damage. During this time the man showed up to the hospital with a bible. He asked to pray with the family and over Becky. I told the man to leave the hospital or I was going to throw him out the window, but my brother in law said if he just wants to pray why not let him. So, we allowed him to pray over Becky. After the man prayed he repeated the vision and left. The doctors then came in the room with the test results and said that Becky would need another surgery. When doing the eye X rays they found a blood clot behind her left ear. I was in shock and almost fell out of my chair. My family immediately looked at me and got on to me for almost throwing an angel out the window. We never saw the guy again.

My sister woke up from a coma 14 days later and she told the family she had been in heaven. She saw a bright light, a man and my grandmother. My grandmother explained to Becky that it wasn't her time and she must go back. Becky isn't sure who the man was, but we can only guess it was Jesus.

Becky had a long road ahead of her. She was in the hospital for about 6 months and had to relearn everything. She had to learn how to tie her shoes, how to talk, etc. She didn't have a vocabulary, any memories including a memory of her husband. Once released from the hospital she'd have to write notes to herself so she could remember what she was doing. For example, if she was cooking, she'd have to write a note that would remind her that food was on the stove.

It took about 5 years for her to get everything back and it is truly a miracle she's here today. Not only that, if you met her you would never know she was ever in an accident. She looks and acts completely normal. During this experience my family witnessed several miracles, visions of heaven and even a visit from an angel.

"Sing to God, sing praise to his name,
extol him who rides on the clouds [a]—
his name is the LORD—
and rejoice before him." Psalms 68:4

"You are the God who performs miracles;
you display your power among the peoples." Psalms 77:14

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  1. Beautifully written! Your faith will see you through your battle! Prayers continue for you and your family!