Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doctors and God Work Together

I've been reading "God's Created Power for Healing" and thought I'd share some of the authors thoughts with you.

This book is written for people that are struggling with their physical health and includes thoughts on spiritual healing. It isn't discounting the importance of visiting doctors for medical care or taking medicine, but they are stressing the importance of God's healing power to your spiritual body.

"Just as you would take medicine in your physical body to aid healing by physical means, so you must receive God's word concerning healing in your spirit for supernatural healing."

"God's word is supernatural medicine. It works through the human spirit and is a spiritual cure, but like any other medicine, it must be applied on a regular basis. You must speak God's word to your individual circumstances or situations-someone else can't do it for you."

"When God's words concerning healing takes root in your flesh, it becomes greater than the disease and healing is the result."

"Doctors may have told you there is no hope for you medically, but you can always find supernatural hope from God's word."

"If you're sick, you don't deny you are sick: yet, on the other hand, you don't want to always be confessing your sickness, for that will establish your present circumstance to you. Denying sickness won't make you well. But mixing faith with God's word, you are calling for the promise of God to be manifest in your body. This will cause you to be fully persuaded, and healing is the result."

I am thankful for the treatment I'm receiving at MDA but ultimately God gets all the credit. He gives the doctors the wisdom they need to take care of me and he also chooses the outcome. Not only has God been physically healing me, but he has certainly healed me spiritually. I've never felt this close to God and I'm enjoying building a relationship with him. Spending time in his word each day has brought me peace.

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