Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today at MDA

Today was my day of fun at MDA. My day began with blood work and a meeting with the doctor's assistant. He said my blood work was good and actually some aspects of it improved like the nutrition side. Even though chemo is hard on me, they think the reason my body is responding so well to the drugs is because I was in such good shape before being diagnosed. My next appointment is set for December 30th and that's where I'll have a full body scan and a lung x-ray. On January 4th I'll have an appointment with my oncologist and they'll decide where to go from here. This visit will probably be the most important doctors visit I'll ever have. If the chemo is working there's a good chance the treatments will continue. As far as the side effects from the chemo this round I'm having nausea, stomach pain, drowsiness and my head is hot. I don't have fever, and I'm not sweating, but my head is hot. It's weird. Every week is a different adventure.

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