Saturday, May 22, 2010


Monday will be a big day for Mark.

1. They will place a stint in the ureter of the kidney to help it function properly
2. They will place a drainage tube in his stomach that exits his side into a bag. It will drain all the fluid build up and bile into the bag, so they won't have to continue draining his stomach.
3. The tumor on his neck goes from his earlobe, down his neck, along his shoulder to the end of the shoulder. It is so large that he is now having trouble eating, drinking and swallowing pills. They are even talking about thickening his liquids to reduce choking. He's mainly sticking with ice chips these days. They are also having to crush his pills.
4. Since the tumor on his neck is so big the radiation team is meeting on Monday to review his case and hopefully begin treatment the same day. They will do radiation everyday for 10 days. We hope he can stay in the hospital while being treated because he can have the treatments consecutively without taking a break over the weekend. Also, we're afraid the daily travel back and forth would be intense.
5. Dr. Phan plans on reviewing his case on Monday and hopes to begin chemo Wednesday or Thursday. Lets pray his levels are good.
6. Today they wrapped his legs in cotton gauze with netting hoping to reduce swelling.

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  1. Through God, all things are possible. I continue to pray for his improvement. He is now at the top of the prayer list at church.