Monday, May 17, 2010

Back in the Hospital

Unfortunately he was not able to get chemo today. The doctor decided to admit him to the hospital and get him stable with hopes that he can eventually get chemo before being released. His blood pressure was so low that the doctor didn't trust him to walk and has decided he needs to be transported by wheel chair until that improves. Also, he has been REALLY swollen and they hope that will improve as his blood pressure does. His kidney function was low but should improve with hydration. Also, his liver count was a bit high, so they are going to make sure his stint is working properly. One of the main goals of this hospital stay will be pain management. As stated earlier, he is in LOTS of pain. Since his last hospital stay his symptoms continued to increase as well as the pain, but the pain medication was no match for what he was going through. Maybe if they get that under control he will have a better chance of keeping food down. Please pray for comfort and the ability to eat. I will keep you posted!

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  1. prayers continue for mark's comfort. the pain really takes a toll on them-i also pray for peace for your entire family through this very difficult time. i am always here for anything. thanks for keepin the updates coming. <3