Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The end and the beginning

Tonight around 10p my dad was welcomed into heaven. He went peacefully and is no longer in pain. I will keep you posted on all of the funeral arrangements as the week progresses. Thanks for the continued prayer.

One thing my dad always mentioned is he didn't want his funeral to be sad, but wanted it to be a celebration. With that in mind, feel free to leave a comment of your favorite memory with him.

Although my brain isn't functioning enough to remember a specific memory from my life, I will say that my 4 year old son will always remember his dates with Pappy. Every time we came into town my dad would take O to eat and to bounce zone. Even though O is still young I have no doubt that he will always treasure those memories.


  1. My love and prayers are with his family. Mark I will see you one day.
    I remember when Mark got his first set of drums. He practiced for hours and hours on those things. You could easily tell he had such passion for them. It seemed he had a talent from within and conquered his music ability.
    Peace My Friend
    Diann Geer Gordon

  2. Reading the "About Me" section, Mark knew he would be cancer free one day. Yesterday was that day! Praise God!

  3. I remember seeing your dad about a year ago at chickfila with Owen. He recoginized me and him and Owen looked so happy. Owen will def remember those times with Pappy!

  4. I have known Mark since we were 15 years old. I have played in a couple of bands with him. The real magic would take place when Mar and Mark Ethridge and I would jam. We always had magic times in the jam room. Mark would here a tune in his head, throw us his idea and it always worked. I will always love and remember Mark.

  5. Mark may have been small in stature but he was GINORMOUS in character, principle, passion, loyalty and compassion. I admired the fact that he stood firm in what he believed in , no matter what. I always enjoyed going to see ONOFATMAN. Mark has found the stairway to heaven and I have no doubt that he will be rocking it out. May his family find peace. Melissa Romero

  6. Wow...I have too many memories of my uncle to pick just one. I can remember always spending the night when Tiffany and I were younger and he was always so laid back and welcoming. I remember countless times I would watch in awe as he would check his blood and give himself insulin. I can remember seeing him in his akido (sp?) clothes and even going with him to the lesson once. He was always so passionate about the things he loved. He had such a wonderful attitude and positive outlook on life and although he seemed quiet to the average person, he actually had quite a sense of humor and I really can't think of a time when he didn't have a smile on his face. I am still in shock that he is no longer with us but I know that he will remain in our hearts forever. I love you Uncle Mark....Colleen

  7. mr. hidalgo came out to the soccer fields about a week after my husband marcus passed away. he wanted to meet me personally to deliver the remembrance bible from the union...we discussed that marcus knew where he was going and if he didn't receive his healing on earth, he knew he would in heaven. it comforts my heart to know that marcus now how has mr. hidalgo there to shoot the bull about old union business. i am so grateful that he is no longer suffering. watching someone you love suffer like that is pain that i never knew existed. may your entire family find comfort in knowing the Lord has brought another child home. love and prayers always, mindy, sela & sloane stanley <3

  8. Tiffany-
    To you, your brother and mother and all the others that I know in your family I describe Mark as one of the best friends I have ever had. Your grandfather TB and my dad JP grew up together fought in WWII together and were remarkable men. Hearing about them as they grew up and became war heroes and later workers at the beaumont refinery, we realized that fame and fortun had little to do with being good men they just were. Mark did fallow in there footsteps more than most realize although Mark and I never fought any wars we did fight fires and I watched him fight to help the ones that worked with us to be treated fairly and to convince people in authority to not rush to judgment be rash or foolish when dealing with people who just wanted to provide for there families. I know of some of those battles were Mark went face to face with those who had power and authority to do damage to those around them, he never bragged about it stuck out his chest or gloated. Although I don't think anybody knows all of the times Mark stood up for others but I do know he did it often and did all he could to help them. Words fail me trying to describe those things. I know he passionately helped all of us that worked with him. I think about Mark in five areas first, his family from his grandson to his dad. Second, his work as a safety inspector and fire fighter who would just as well drag hoses or lead in a firefight. Third, his union work as I described earlier. Fourth, his love of music and playing it. Fifth, his martial arts training. Last he was my friend who was just as willing to correct me when I needed help, support me when I was down, help me make good decisions and judgment and never ever expected anything in return. I never knew John Wayne, John Glenn, Lyndon Johnson or Red Adair I didn't need to I knew Mark Hidalgo.

    Love Jerome Vogel and my family, Brenda, Amber and Brooklyn and my parents Frances and JP Vogel

  9. I've Mark for a long time. We had worked together for years and later practiced martial arts. Mark was one of the few martial artists that I knew who didn't care what style you studied. He just wanted to share the knowledge. Most are just karate snobs.
    One day at work I was whining to Mark that my guitarist friend, Dave Lathrop, and I were having such a hard time finding a drummer/backup singer. Well, Mark said he was a backup singer and a drummer. That was the beginning of ONOFATMAN. Never did hear Mark sing, but he was a fine drummer and a great guy to be with.
    I left the band in 2004 to do mission work from my church for a year.
    This year, Mark told me that he wanted to start a christian band. He felt like God had given him a second chance to turn his life over and Mark wanted to have a way to tell everyone about it.
    We were supposed to practice a week or so ago.
    Well Mark, I'll be glad to tell your story for you. How you heard God's call and answered it. I can't wait to see you again and tell you all about it.

  10. No doubt Mark has started a Christian band in heaven and you just know he's the drummer. I had the honor to work with Mark in the Safety department for almost 4 years and the honor of knowing him for 8 years. Mark was the reason I became a safety inspector. He made me a better man with his words of wisdom and just the way he carried himself. The world is a better place with him in it, but heaven sure is going to have a big suprise getting him. I can hardly wait to get there to see him again. I love you Bro! May you rest in peace and my God bless you always.

  11. I'm sitting here thinking of all the wonderful memories I have of Mark, but the one thing that keeps coming to mind is not a memory, yet a legacy for all who knew him. I can say this will all certainty...Mark was a living saint if there ever was one. He always made you smile and no matter who you were, a supervisor arguing with him over union business, a new employee, scared to death of a new job, a fellow figher fighter, a friend or a total stranger, Mark always made you feel at ease and made you feel self-worth. He was the finest man I have ever known with the only exception being my Dad. He did so may things to help everyone he came in contact with and I can't remember one thing he did out of selfisness for himself. The 8 years I knew him, he was always about family, friends, co-workers, strangers, then himself. The last 9 months of his life he got it right though and really put the Lord first. With that said I know now with out a shadow of doubt that Mark is in Heaven and I guarantee you he is the brightest shining angel heaven has. I know he will be watching over us all. Man I'm gonna miss him! My prayers to all of you who are Mark's family and friends. May God's sweet presence flow over all of you and give you peace and joy knowing Mark is OK now. Praise God for his mercy as I know it is sufficient always.