Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Back!

On Wednesday I went to MDA for chemo and found out these things.

1. I could not receive chemo because my white blood count was low. They think it's probably related to the week before and all of the stuff my body went through.
2.. My nutrition level and protein level were a little low. They want me to start eating and trying to keep food down.
3. I found out the cancer in my lungs and on my spine is still stomach cancer. This is good news because I'm still only fighting 1 cancer.
4. I am now getting my stomach drained on Friday.
5. Chemo is now scheduled for Monday.

The fluid in my stomach area is still making it hard to breathe and eat. It also keeps me up at night.

"Once again today...God has a will for your life, Christ has a Word for your life, and the Holy Spirit has a way for your life. Nothing is impossible." Beth Moore

1 comment:

  1. just wanted you to know that i continue to pray for your strength to fight this beast we all hate-cancer sucks-there is no pretty way to say it. i pray that God gives you strength and comfort through this battle. keep fighting!! love and prayers always!

    mindy, sela & sloane