Friday, May 21, 2010


Today he had an ultrasound done on both his neck and kidney. We haven't found out the results yet, but we do finally have a plan. The lymph node in his neck is so swollen that he his struggling to swallow so they plan on doing radiation on it tomorrow. Unlike the radiation on his back, it will not affect his chemo treatment. It is also likely that he won't be able to talk once the radiation begins. It won't be permanent but will last a while. Also, on Monday they intend to start doing spot treatments on certain spots until his levels rise and he's able to receive chemo. If they give him chemo prematurely they could do permanent damage and they don't want to do that. Also, the fluid in his stomach continues to come back because of poor nutrition. From my understanding it escapes his blood vessels and makes him sick. I'll verify that fact later. I'll be honest and say things don't look amazing. Please pray for healing and a miracle! Also, he is still unable to receive calls and would love your emails. Thanks.

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  1. Tiffany, thanks for keeping us in the loop. Please tell your Dad that I continue to think about and pray for him daily. Also, will you please send me a phone number for someone who is there with him this weekend to my email at Thanks and please know that God is with you through all of this. Barry