Thursday, March 11, 2010

We are signficant!

Today started out stressful. I began to get antsy about my chemo treatment. I still hadn't heard if my insurance was going to cover the treatment ($10,000 for this new drug per treatment/$40,000 total) or if I had an appointment scheduled yet. I continued to call MDA, but never heard back. I'm use to relying on myself to get day to day things accomplished, but I realized I don't have to anymore. Instead, I stopped and asked God to help me. I prayed that he'd take care of the details. He's gotten me this far and has almost healed me, why wouldn't the rest fall into place? After lifting my worries up to God almost instantly they were all fixed. The calls starting pouring in. First, I found out my insurance would cover the new chemo! Whew! Then, I received my new chemo schedule, had an appointment time set up and was ready to go. Praise God. It's amazing how everything can fall into place when you trust God. On a side note, I also received a call from my plant manager today. It turns out I received an OSHA award at a conference for mentoring other groups in safety. Although my day started out discouraging it turned out to be great. I was reminded of God's power, the importance of trusting him and the power of prayer.

You know, many of us stay busy at work and maintain a feeling of success or significance. Personally, on any given day I could receive 20-30 union calls while maintaining my normal job. I could be fighting to save someone's job, and also responding to a life or death emergency. My job gave me purpose, made me feel needed and as a results even gave me a feeling of importance. Now that I'm not at work and don't have as many daily responsibilities I begin to feel insignificant. I'm sure some of you have days that you feel down as well.

Today I was reading a book by Max Lucado, "A Cure for a Common Life." This book answered my doubts and made me feel better. Just in case you are in a similar situation I'm going to share some of his thoughts with you:

Lonely people fight feelings if insignificance. What do we do with such thoughts? No one knows me. No one is near me. No one needs me. How do you cope with such cries for significance? Some stay busy; others stay drunk. Some buy pets; other buys lovers. Some seek therapy. And a few seek God. He invites us all to. God's treatment for insignificance won't lead you to a bar or dating service, a spouse or social club. God's ultimate cure for the common life takes you to a manager."

"I am with you always," Jesus said before he descending into heaven, "to the very end of the age." Matthew 28:20

"Search for restrictions on the promise; you will find none. You won't find "I will be with you if you behave when you believe. I will be with you on Sundays in worship at mass." No, none of that. There is no withholding tax on God's "with" promise. He is with us. God is with us."

If you ever doubt your significance try to remember that you are important to God and he is always with you.

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