Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank You Lord

Yesterday I met with the oncologist to receive my P.E.T. scan results. I found out that my tumor is dead and no longer has cancer cells! That is great news! The lymph system still shows traces of cancer. Three spots in particular are "hot" and those are located near my clavicle bone, neck and my stomach. Because there is still cancer in the lymph system she can only assume there are still cancer cells throughout the system. She also concluded that the chemo is still working because the cancer hasn't spread and there are no new tumors. Although the chemo is working it looks like it's not as effective. We were hoping that the 2nd round of chemo would put me into remission, but it didn't which tells us the chemo is not working as well as it did in the beginning. To make sure the chemo is working the best it can the doctor is adding a 4th drug. This drug will attack only the cancer cells and leave the good cells alone. This drug is experimental and hasn't been approved by the FDA or used for stomach cancer. She feels that by adding the 4th drug I could go into remission. Right now I get to take a week or two off from chemo and give my body a break. The insurance company will likely fight paying for this drug, so the doctor needed a few days to get it approved.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed because I was hoping I'd be in remission. The great news is the tumor is no longer feeding the lymph system, I can eat, I can exercise, and I overall feel better. God definitely answered my prayers! If you remember, every time I took communion I'd pray that it would heal everything it touched and it did. My health is definitely in God's hands and he will heal me on his time. Overall, 5 months ago the doctors didn't give me much hope and thanks to God I'm feeling much better. The truth is my body could not have responded to chemo at all and I could be in a much different situation right now. I will continue to focus on all the positive things in my life and not think about the negative. I will also continue to praise God, study his word and grow closer to him.

Lord God, How thankful I am for Your Book, Your Word, that lives and abides forever. Thank You for the way truth comes to life when we see it as print on the pages of the Bible. Thank You for the power of your Word that transforms lives and mends broken hearts and strengthens frightened hearts. May we, in the process of time, begin to feel more and more at home in Your Word, so that the life of another becomes ours and the truth another provides becomes a principle for us to live by. Thank You for coming to our rescue again and again by Your grace. And for those who are most afraid, I pray they will know Your peace and relief from anxiety as they turn to the promises in the Bible and there find hope to go on.
In the all-powerful Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Source: Charles Swindoll


  1. Dear Mark,
    I am following your progress daily and this is a good report. You have always been a fighter, the difference this time is you have placed so much faith in God's hands. He will take care of you and your famiy.

    God Bless, Georgia

  2. Mark,
    GREAT NEWS!!!!! Almost there! We need to go eat again! it was good talking to you. i am off monday through thursday. i have to work OT this weekend. let me know. We will keep praying!