Sunday, November 22, 2009


The last two days can be summed up in two words: cancer sucks. I've been nausea, throwing up and just plain sick. The affects of the chemo are starting to wear off and today has been a better day. I haven't been as nausea but have been extremely tired. I've just got to keep my eyes on the prize.

Throughout our life we all face challenges and it's up to us to determine how we handle them. We are either strong or weak and our attitude affects the end result. I realize being weak can be a good thing because when you are weak you may turn to God for his strength. Weak is not a good thing if you choose to handle problems by whining and complaining all the time. For example, 52 years ago I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed before they had disposable needles, glucometers, technology, or knowledge on the disease. The kids in school never understood what was happening when I'd have a reaction. They didn't understand why I was able to eat in class and they weren't. I was even occasionally forced to beat kids up who tried to steal my food. I remember passing out at school or not being able to participate in the holiday parties by eating all the tasty treats. I was different, but it made me stronger and work harder to be my best.

Another example is being a union president. The committee and I are forced to make tough decisions that do not make me a popular person. I've had to stand up in front of 100s of people and make announcements that irritate the crowd. You still have to go to work the next day and face all the people you frustrate.

Lastly, I've been diagnosed with cancer twice and if I go down it's going to be after a hell of a fight.

I was born with a certain strength as a Hidalgo, but my experiences have made me even stronger. Recently, as I looked back on my life I distinctly remember looking up to God and asking for strength, patience, and knowledge. I never realized that I turned to God in each of those situations. When facing angry people at work I always pray that God gives me the wisdom to say the right words or when facing a doctors appointment I always ask for strength. Not only have I never noticed I prayed often but I never admitted it either. God has given me strength. Everyday day when you wake up you can decide whether you are going to be strong or weak. You can decide whether or not you have a good attitude about the situations God hands you. Are you going to allow God to have control of your life and make you stronger?

"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him." James 1:12

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