Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Bye 70s Look

Today I had pain in my stomach but other than that my day was better. The other news is my hair started falling out. Today in the shower a handful of hair fell out and each time I brush my hair the counter top is covered in hair. Soon we will be having a hair shaving party at my house. It also appears that my mustache is going to fall out. I've had a mustache since I was 18 years old so it will definitely be strange to not have one. After researching chemo on the internet, I learned that depending on the dosage and chemical all the hair on your body can fall out. I even read that when your hair grows back it can be a different color, straight, curly, thicker, etc. In most cases the hair comes back looking the exact same and sometimes even thicker than before. One of my fears is that when it grows back I'll look like Buckwheat from the Little Rascals or Einstein. If my hair grows back crazy I'll be sure to post a picture. My kids have been urging me to change my 70s hair cut for years, so I guess they are finally getting there way.

"God never asks us to suffer for the sake of suffering. He never asks us to give up something good unless he plans to replace it with something better." Commentary from a study bible.

See, I may even look better like McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy.

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