Thursday, November 19, 2009

Embarassing Moments

Yesterday I had my 4 hour chemo treatment and it went well. I prayed, ate lunch and then they zapped me with Benadryl. I slept the entire time! Last time I received chemo it took 2 days for the side effects to kick in. Today, my sugar level went high and the nausea set in immediately. Thank you for all the prayers and support. I've been receiving cards from churches all over saying they are praying for me and I truly appreciate it.

Today I thought I'd share some embarrassing moments with you. Although they were embarrassing at the time now I find them humorous.

1. My entire life I've been a modest person. For example, I've never changed my clothes in front of my children. Then, I'm diagnosed with prostate cancer and modesty goes out the window. I had several finger ways, 2 biopsies, ultrasound, MRI and 2 colonoscopies all in my rectum. During each test I had to lay on a table naked and women were always in the room either assisting or performing the tests. Now I understand what women have to go through each time they go to the gynecologist.

2. During my 2nd biopsy I was laying on the table naked and the girl prepping me said, "Oh, your Mr. Hidalgo. I think you know my father in law." Her father in law happened to be one of my good friends. He and I were together the next day and he brought up the fact that I met his daughter in law. I replied, "Yeah, she saw a lot more of me than I did her." It's one thing to have a stranger in the room with you when you are having these tests done, but when a connection is made it's pretty embarrassing.

3. MDA is as teaching school and sometimes they have several people examine you in one visit. During one of my exams I had 3 different people do the "finger test" before I refused to let anyone else touch me. It makes you want to go out into the lobby and yell, "Does anyone else want to see me naked? If so, come on!"

4. After my prostate cancer I had a catheter for 9 days. To prevent me from driving back to MDA my primary care doctor agreed to take out the catheter. Before the appointment I had started walking up and down the street with my bag attached to my leg. A neighbor came outside and yelled, "Mr. Hidalgo!" She then asked if i remembered her and I didn't. She said she was going to be the nurse practitioner to take out my catheter. I immediately went in the house and told Kay, "Oh my goodness, even the neighbors are going to see me naked."

A family member shared this verse me and I thought I'd share it with you.

"In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33


  1. Mark:
    I'm kinda holding back from calling you. Me and Diana think about you and talk about you everyday. I wanted you to know that. Many of our brothers that we work with are doing the same. I'm in Shreveport tending to a sick parent. When you kick this cancer's ass, you gotta promise to teach me some of those kungfu moves you put on me years ago that put me on my back begging for you to stop.

  2. Thats a deal. I;m kicking its ass as we speak