Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weird Week

The past few days have been pretty weird. I've had an intense cough that is keeping me from sleeping, drainage, and potential food poisoning. I've also been vomiting almost daily and of course that starts to make me worry. Also, my back and stomach had some intense pains for a couple of days and that concerns me as well. In the end I just have to have faith that God is healing me. He has been so amazing to me during this time and I know he will get me through this experience.

Tomorrow I go back to MDA for my LAST chemo before my next body scan. In about two weeks I'll get my scan done and hope to hear good news.

"Faith never denies reality but leaves room for God to grant a new reality." Jim Cymbala

1 comment:

  1. prayin chemo went well today and you get great results on your next scan. all things are possible through Christ. <3