Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Stronger

On Friday I came down with a cough and lost my voice. The cough was preventing me from sleeping, so on Monday I went to the doctor and they gave me a shot, cough syrup and antibiotic. Even though my voice isn't back to normal at least I can sleep better. Right now my focus is getting ready for work, so I've started a work out regiment. I run in place for 20 minute to keep my heart rate up, do 100 sit ups a day, and work out with a band 3 times a day building up my arms, chest and back. Hopefully my body will be back to normal soon. I even try to stick to my work out program on the bad days.

Also, In the past 3 months I've lost 7 pounds and the doctors want me to gain weight. I started drinking something similar to Ensure but for diabetics called Enterex. It is high in protein, vitamins and calories. If you put it in the freezer for a while it becomes slushy and actually tastes OK. I've also started eating a protein bar daily which will hopefully add on some pounds. My blood work is still normal and hopefully soon my body will be too.

"Father God according to Your Word, without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to you must believe that You exist and that You reward those who earnestly seek You (Hebrews 11:6). Lord, I want to please You. Build faith in me so my life will honor the life of Your Son." Beth Moore

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